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Impact of truncal valve repair on survival, reintervention, and left ventricular function

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      Truncal valve insufficiency (TVI) is one of the risk factors for death in neonatal primary repair for common arterial trunk (CAT).


      In this single-center retrospective case-matched controlled study, 16 consecutive CAT patients from 2000- 2018 with moderate to severe truncal valve regurgitation (TVR2-3) undergoing primary CAT surgery with truncal valve (TrV) repair were matched to 16 CAT patients with none to mild truncal valve regurgitation (TVR1-0).


      The TVR2-3 group had 11 (69%) patients with moderate and 5 (31%) with severe TVI, with an operative median age of 7(4 – 19) days. Survival at median follow-up of 17 years post-repair was 70% and 80% in the TVR2-3 and TVR0-1 groups, respectively (p> 0.99), with two early deaths in the TVR2-3 group occurring after reintervention for residual TVI. Rate of surgical TrV re-intervention at 5 years postoperative was 67% for TVR2-3 (p = 0.005). TVR2-3 experienced greater residual TVI at discharge and 1-year post-repair with severity of TrV dysfunction converging between groups as more patients in TVR0-1 developed mild/moderate TVI over time and TVR2-3 patients underwent re-intervention for clinically significant TVI. Significant LV dilation was observed in the TVR2-3 group after 3 years post-repair (p = 0.001), but LVEF was comparable between groups.


      TrV reintervention burden (i.e. repair or replacement) is greater in the TVR2-3 population with higher truncal valve-related early mortality. Progressive LV enlargement in the TVR2-3 group due to residual TVI was well tolerated. Ventricular remodeling did not significantly impact LVEF or clinical status.

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      CAT (common arterial trunk), ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), LV (left ventricle), LVEF (left ventricular ejection fraction), TrV (truncal valve), TVI (truncal valve insufficiency), TVS (truncal valve stenosis)